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Whether you use it regularly or not, the fact is the Internet is here to stay!

Recent statistics show that the UK has over 37,600,000 Internet users. That is 62.3% of the population and the number is rising every single day (source:

Did you know though that 49% of all internet users said they research a company online before actually doing business with them. What that means simply is, if two companies have a near identical advert in the Yellow Pages a client will research the one with a web site and not give a second thought to the one without.

These are figures that no business can afford to ignore! The simple truth is in today's marketplace every single business needs a web site. If you don't have one you are getting left behind.

Luckily having a web site created is not as expensive as people are lead to believe.
The average cost of our web sites is just a £200 one-off fee. This amount can even be lowered if you choose us to host your web site. (see our hosting page for more details)

The rest of our site explains the process of creating a web site for your business. We believe that having a web site created should be a fun, creative experience- not a tedious jargon fueled nightmare. If at any time you feel you would like more information or simply need something explaining please don't hesitate to contact us using our contact form.






All our website design packages include the following:


Professional website design

A one off cost (no monthly/annual payments)

Logo creation and website branding

Domain Name Registration

Multiple email accounts

Visitor statistics

Search engine optimisation




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